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Voyage i20 amplifier
Developed the USB audio input stage based on XMOS processor
Designed DAC stage based on ESS audio integrated circuit
Participated in the development of the Switch Mode Power Supply for the amplifier
Best All Round Amplifier Package by
HiFi World 2021
Creek Audio Voyage i20
The Voyage i20 integrated amplifier was styled to be ergonomic and luxurious in operation. It is constructed using only the highest quality materials to provide a simple to use but high-end stereo experience. The i20 combines an analogue pre-amplifier and digital to analogue converter with a power amplifier, powered by a unique stabilized power supply, housed in a slim and attractive case.
The i20’s is extremely flexible, boasting ten analogue and digital inputs. Analogue signal sources may be input via three pairs of RCA sockets or one pair of fully balanced XLR sockets. Gold-contact relays direct input signals to a state-of-the-art MUSES electronic volume and balance control circuit. The MUSES’ resistor-ladder attenuator enables precise adjustment over an 80dB range, in 1dB steps, with extremely low distortion. The i20’s pre-amplifier circuit is normally set for unity (0dB) gain but, if required, each input can individually amplify the input signal, in 3dB steps, up to +12dB max. Each input can also be set to bypass the pre-amp and volume control. This user selectable DIRECT mode allows the i20 to be used as a power amplifier with four inputs, or a combination to suit individual needs.
The i20 incorporates a cutting-edge DAC circuit with multiple inputs for USB, SPDIF, optical, USB and Bluetooth. The i20’s USB Class 2 digital input provides bit-perfect audio streaming potential. Its multi-core XMOS streaming controller can handle a wide range of high-resolution PCM and DSD signal sources, up to 32-bit 768 kHz – PCM, and 22.4 MHz – DSD. To further enhance performance, the i20’s USB circuitry is galvanically isolated from its DAC to eliminate ground loops or interference polluting the signal path. Software updates may be downloaded from the internet via USB, so the i20’s operating system can always be kept up to date. In addition to USB, the i20 supports 24/192 SPDIF signals via 2 co-axial and 2 TOSLINK inputs, for connection to television sound, CD Players, streamers, and other digital sources. A “Comet mk2 aptX HD Bluetooth” module is built-in, for handy wireless streaming from mobile or static computer devices, capable of CD quality performance.
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