What Dr. EMC can do for you

Dr. EMC is a one stop electronic design consultancy specializing in custom RF circuits  and high-speed PCB design solutions. We are experienced IoT design experts and offer a variaty of services including a) RF and microwave circuit design b) UKCA/CE compliance assessment and declaration of conformity c) signal integrity and EMC simulations

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RF design

IoT devices involve intentional transmitters, ranging from a few megahertz (MHz) up to terahertz (THz). Careful RF design is crucial for IoT applications such as wireless communication, radar systems, satellite communication, and RFID (Radio Frequency Identification). We specialize at RF design for conventional IoT devices that use Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, LTE and 5G. We also have the experience of designing mmWave and THz radar circuits for automotive solutions.

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EMC consulting

We will ensure that your electronic devices operate effectively without causing electromagnetic interference (EMI) and not susceptible to interference from external sources. We will provide regulatory compliance assessment of your products, conduct design reviews and provide guidance, test specification writing as well as the support during EMC testing. Where necessary, we will troubleshoot and fix all EMC issues in a cost efficient manner. We also provide a wealth of EMC training resources, which include our video courses and acadamic publications.

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April 2024: The practical EMC for IoT designers video course is out for sale:

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