Featured Product #2
Audient iD44
Designed AD-DA converter stage of this audio interface
Implemented USB audio interface on XMOS processor
Passed EMC testing
Best Studio Gear Award at NAMM 2018
Audient iD44
The Audient ID44 is a 20-in 24-out desktop USB audio interface featuring four world-renown Audient mic preamps, class-leading converters as well as ADAT and S/PDIF I/O, providing the sonic performance of Audient consoles and the monitoring function that has made the iD range so popular.
The Audient iD44 boasts 4 Audient mic preamps, the same as those found on their flagship ASP8024-HE, providing ultra-low noise and distortion, giving you an accurate reproduction of your source. In addition. two JFET D.I. inputs are provided, recreating the input stage of a classic Valve amplifier. This allows you to connect your guitar, bass or even synthesizers and get recording fast. Two optical connectors let you increase your track count by connecting ADAT-ready mic preamps or S/PDIF-ready sources, up to 16 channels (at 44.1kHz / 48kHz). Finally, two fully balanced insert points allow you to quickly insert your favourite processor, while giving you access to the analogue to digital stage, providing great way to print your mix or integrating your outboard as cleanly as possible.
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