Featured Product #1
epiQ console
Managing production runs of the console
Partial re-design of parts due to component shortages
Development of Hold To Run (HTR) and EtherCAT safety over Ethernet functionality
TAIT epiQ automation Console
TAIT's newest entertainment console, epiQ™, is purpose built for iQ powered by Navigator and unifies the control of live event automation in one cohesive experience giving the user the confidence and power to maximize the creative potential of any live event. The epiQ™ console can work as a complete system controller for smaller shows or be used with additional processing units allowing it to work with a virtually unlimited number of axes in the system. For larger shows, multiple operator consoles can be used. The epiQ™ console's compact size allows it to be positioned with good visibility to other equipment being controlled. The touchscreen interface combined with key hardware controls allow the operator to quickly select axes, set motion parameters, and speed scale in progress motion. Commands can easily be programmed into cue blocks to create programmed sequences.
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